ISM Machinery D-Max 1.2E Tube Former

D-Max Tube Formers from ISM Machinery are revolutionary automatic spiral tube formers that combine the most advanced technology with one of the smallest footprints in the industry. Unlike other compact models, our most popular model, the D-Max 1.2E Tube Former will not sacrifice speed, power, or technology producing spiral pipe up to 18 gauge (1.25 mm) thickness with a maximum speed of 235 ft/min (71 m/min).

Other ISM Machinery D-Max Tube Formers available:

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All ISM Machinery D-Max Tube Formers are the most affordable machines in their class. Their unsurpassed features and reliability make them the best value in the industry. These features include:

  • Self-diagnostics and digital length control
  • Spiral Smart Technology™, user-friendly control system takes the guess work out of set-up and pressure settings for proper operation
  • Flying Slitting Device for silent cutting tubes of 4″ diameter and maximum material thickness of 20 gauge
  • 10′ standard run-off table
  • Decoiler
  • Unbeatable customer service offering technical support and parts
  • Only compact unit in the industry that is fully automatic
  • Ergonomically friendly to the operator

For heavier duty performance, please see the ISM Machinery D-Max 2.0 Titan Heavy Duty Tube Former


High-Speed Capacity

Diameter Range


Motor / Voltage

Dimensions / Weight

Model 1.2E

28-18 gauge galvanized steel

28-22 gauge stainless steel

3”- 64”

241 ft/min

15 Hp motor, 230V/60 A Or 15 Hp motor, 460V/ 40A

Special voltages available

Length: 72"

Width: 68"

Height: 62"

Weight: 3,000 lbs.


Maximum Weight

Maximum Strip Width

Maximum OD


D-Max Tube Former Decoiler

4,000 lbs




ISM Machinery D-Max 1.2E Tube Former

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Tube Weight Calculator

Strip Width – 5.394″ (137mm)

26 Gauge (0.019″):
24 Gauge (0.025″):
22 Gauge (0.031″):
20 Gauge (0.038″):

Tube Capacity Calculator

10′ pc./second:
20′ pc./second: