Roto-Die Open-End Cleat Bender

The Roto-Die Open-End Cleat Bender quickly forms consistent cleats with no setup or adjustment. Pneumatically-operated, the Cleat Bender features wide jaws that allow forming in 1/2″ increments and adjustable cleat settings. Front-mounted quick-release valves and large, stainless steel feed table that resists rust. These units are built in America and are backed with a full one (1) year warranty.

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Bending Capacity


Table Height

Air Consumption

Dimensions / Weight

Roto-Die Open-End Cleat Bender

20 Gauge and Lighter

(Mild Steel)

Bend Length: 3" thru 29-1/2"

Bend Width: 7/16" thru 1/2" Preset


0.5 CU. ft/cycle @100 PSI

Length: 58.5"


Height: 41"

Weight: 500 lbs.

Roto-Die Open-End Cleat Bender


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