About Mestek Machinery

Mestek Machinery has been, and intends to remain, the market leader in HVAC sheet metal equipment and solutions for duct shops and fabricators. Our many long-term relationships with sheet metal contractors and our huge installed base are very valuable to us, a resource for our marketplace, and a testament to our reliability and industry focus. We operate our businesses with a long-term outlook and we’re not going anywhere but forward. We’re only human, so our people and our systems are not perfect and given the hundreds of thousands of interactions and tens of thousands of pieces of equipment, we may miss the mark from time to time, but we constantly evaluate our people, our systems, our tools, and our customer service attitudes to deliver satisfaction. Please give us the chance to help you maintain and repair your Lockformer, Engel, Iowa Precision, and duct shop equipment with genuine factory designed, manufactured, and tested repair parts. You’ll be glad that you did!

Helping You With


Higher Throughput


Less Operator Involvement


Reduced Changeover Time


Lower Scrap Rates


Improved Product Quality


More Flexible Utilization

How Mestek Came To Be

MESTEK acquired Peterson Roll Feed Company in 1964. It was merged into Cooper-Weymouth, purchased in 1974. Not until the 1990s did our plan emerge to build a broader base of technology and products to better serve metal forming companies. That plan became the foundation for Formtek, leading to rapid growth in recent years. Today, Formtek  offers  complete solutions  for integrated production lines that lower the cost to make precision metal parts from coiled or sheet stock

Our Brands

Lockformer logo black
Roto-Die logo green
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Mestek Machinery has amassed substantial design and development capability and a modern, distributed manufacturing capacity that places production work where it can be done most efficiently. Our large team of service technicians ensures fast response for either over-the-phone assistance or hands-on field support. Our pooled sourcing offers buying power that`s important to controlling costs and securing availability of purchased parts. Investment for the future relies on the financial strength of MESTEK.

We're Here to Help

Have questions about our machinery and equipment? Looking for help on a unique application? Need help with a budget estimate to determine overall equipment costs to evaluate if your project can be justified? Please don’t hesitate to reach out — we’d love to help.