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Engel is recognized as one of the leading suppliers of quality sheet metal forming machinery and systems. The company has designed and built practical, cost-efficient equipment for over seventy years, providing solutions to a broad range of manufacturing problems. Whether you’re investing in our HVAC coil Lines or roll formers (including transverse duct flange), our heavy-duty, cost-effective machinery are what Engel customers have come to depend on.

Engel History


Charles Engel sheet metal worker produces first Shopmaster table and Engel as a Company is established with volume of sales.


Engel Adds Rollformer and Small Tool i.e. Cleatbenders, Notchers. Also added the versatile power brake called Bend All.


First Coil LInes with Shopmasters being fed. Electric Shear with Beading, Straightening and Feed Table to Shopmaster.


Digital Dynapar added. Coil lines with flying notcher and mechanical brake.


Hydraulic Length Control Compact 5-14 Coil LInes w/Fly- Wheel Mechanical Shear and Engel Built Digital Controls +/- 1/32 Accuracy.


Dual Head Cleatroller introduced to Duct LInes.


Lin-O-Matic with Gripnail Pinning System introduced along with purchased ECCI Controls Package (Digital).


Full Hydraulic Compact Coil line shear, notch and feed.


First 5 Batch Micro Processor Controls.

History Continued


Engel TDF T25-B introduced to Market.


Hydraulic Wrapper Brake w/side eject & Engel Built PC Controls E 1000 Controller.


Engel Seam Closer Introduced. Engel Fold N Shear introduced. End Eject Braking System in lieu of Side Eject.


Engel Fold N Shear With In Line Cleatroller introduced.


Engel is acquired by Mestek, Inc.


The Engel Coil Lines are upgraded with Iowa Precision Features and Marketed under Mestek Machinery and the Compact II Front End now expandable.


ValuePLUS line was created and offered to the market.


The newly designed TDC V16 is offered to the market – The Pneumo-Wrap Brake is now offered for contractors to bend TDF and TDC.


Iowa Precision and Engel introduce in-line Plasma cutting and welded duct options to coil lines

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