Metal Forming and Fabrication Solutions from Lockformer

HVAC CAD to CAM Software

Lockformer’s Vulcan software sets the bar high for CAD to CAM software for the HVAC sheet metal industry. Lockformer provides the HVAC industry with cutting software with the best mix of innovation and usability. The success of our CAD to CAM software is the unique combination of powerful, intuitive technology.

HVAC Rectangular Duct and Fittings Fabrication Equipment

Lockformer provides highly innovative engineered rectangular duct fabrication systems for the HVAC sheet metal fabrication industry. The brand designs and manufactures solutions that deliver improved productivity, reduction in labor, and increased safety.

HVAC Round and Oval Duct and Fittings Fabrication Equipment

Lockformer continues as the world leader in the production of round and oval duct fabrication equipment. Lockformer sets the standard for product quality, performance, customer service, and integrity – the standard against which every other equipment manufacturer is judged.

Metal Cutting Equipment

Lockformer has long been the industry leader in HVAC sheet metal cutting systems and has helped revolutionize the production of HVAC duct fittings. Sheet metal operations wanting to gain an edge over their competitors choose Lockformer’s Vulcan Plasma Cutting System for sheet metal cutting machinery.

HVAC Insulation Cutting Equipment

Lockformer offers an insulation cutting equipment solution that has revolutionized and automated insulation cutting and fabrication process for mechanical contractors. Lockformer’s Vulcan 1600 Waterjet has removed the slow, costly, and inexact procedures of manually cutting insulation with the power of water.

Resources from Mestek Machinery

Backed by over 100 years of expertise and experience in metal forming and fabrication, Mestek Machinery has developed a number of valuable resources to help HVAC duct and fittings fabricators and other industry professionals learn more about the technologies and processes that drive your operations.


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