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For over 75 years, Lockformer has been the most recognized name in the sheet metal machinery industry. We have led the world in the production of HVAC roll forming equipment (such as our Lockformer Pittsburgh Machines) and Vulcan plasma cutting systems, plus the Transverse Duct Connector (TDC) roll former has revolutionized the ductwork industry around the world. Lockformer sets the standard for product quality, performance, customer service and integrity – the standard against which every other equipment manufacturer in the HVAC industry is judged.

Lockformer History


The Lockformer Company was founded.


The Pittsburgh lock rollformer first sold and the 2-pass bar-cleat machine was being designed.


The 24 and the 20 ga. Pittsburgh lock machines were introduced.


The EZ Edger hand operated flanger is created.


The 8000 Series double-plate Cleatformer was developed to form drive cleats in one pass.


The Standing “S” Cleat rollformer was first sold to the market.


Lockformer relocated to its new manufacturing facility on Cicero Avenue in Chicago. Hemming roll tooling was developed.


The 16 ga. Pittsburgh lock machine is first introduced.


The first Button Punch Snaplock machine is sold and Acme lock roll tooling was newly designed.

History Continued


The Speednotch multi-head notcher was first sold.


The Speednotch multi-head notcher was first sold.


The Triplex Cleatformer created to produce 4 profiles in one machine with slitting attachment to cut “S” and drive cleats was added to the line-up of 8600 and 8900 Series Cleatformers.


Lockformer opened its new manufacturing facility in Lisle, IL.


The DS Connector machinefeaturing New England cleat roll tooling was introduced along with the 24S Bandsaw.


The Transverse Duct Connector (TDC) and the first Vulcan 1200 Plasma Cutting System were unveiled at the Atlantic City ASHRAE Show.


The TDC Notcher and the Roll-A-Duct spiral duct rollforming system was developed.


The new Vulcan 2400 replaced the Vulcan 1200.


The Vulcan 1800 was added to the Vulcan line-up.

History Continued


The Vulcan PCM (now the 3100HD) was first sold to the precision HVAC metal fabrication market.


The Vulcan 1000 was first introduced for high speed HVAC fitting cutting.


The Vulcan 1600 Waterjet was first introduced for high speed insulation cutting.


Lockformer acquired by Mestek, Inc.


The TDC-V is introduced to the market.


Fully adjustable TDC Duplex and Stand Alone from 19mm to 38mm. The Vulcan 1000E developed and offered European Community; CE Certified, zoned exhaust, B&R.


Vulcan users top 3,500. The VulcanPlus with new control and “Flex-Ability” updates the Vulcan 1000D technology. Total Integration from BIM to Field using Trimble® TDL CAD (now replaced by DD 3D CAD®).


Harper-type Vanemakers and Railmakers added to Lockformer product line for production of air turning vanes

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