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The Industry leader in automated HVAC coil lines, duct fabrication systems, seam closers and corner inserters – a company with a rich history that has the experience and proven know-how to develop systems meeting the specific production goals of customers – worldwide. The Fabriduct, Pro-Ductomatic, Ductomatic, Cornermatic, Whisperloc, and Adjustable Elbow Machine machines are the industry’s finest products. Our advanced technologies are field-proven and guaranteed to outperform your most demanding expectations.

Iowa Precision History


Welty Heating is a contractor in Coggon, IA


Welty Heating moved to Cedar Rapids to new location under the name Welty Way Products making patterned Pro-GutR (seamless gutter machine) & Co-pipe machines (making down spout and crimped down spout elbows)


Welty Way develops the Coil Select feature.


The “Shoil” was the first duct starter line with air controlled flying shear and notcher.


Duct-o-mation – full line with Lockformer Pittsburgh & Snaplock Coil – shear – notch – bead – Pitts – cleat – rolR-L-Bruct.


First Insulmatic added to Anderson & Litwick and Zach Co. do 4.5 million pounds of duct for the new McCormick Place. Welty-Way introduces the Feedie (coil feed punch, notch, cut-off feeding rollformers).


Welty Way becomes Iowa Precision and the Fabri-duct is now called Duct-o-Matic.


Iowa Precision establishes the Coil Line Software Programming department.


IPI introduces automated elbow fabrication machinery.


On Lockformer’s 50th Anniversary, the very first Pittsburgh Lock Machine ever produced (S/N-101) was found in Cleveland, OH still making ductwork after 50 years!


IPI introduces straight line Duct Line and the Whisper-Loc seam closer offered to market.


The Cornermatic automated corner insertion machine is developed by Systemation introduced by IPI, SMACNA approved. Tie Rod Hole punching added to automated lines. The first 14 gauge automated Duct Line delivered.

History Continued


Newly designed Multi-Grid Coil Select introduced.


Iowa Precision acquired by Mestek, Inc.


Duct lines redesigned & renamed ProFabriduct – all lines offered with servo drives, directly driven, hydraulically actuated decoilers. Mark XV was newly designed and added to the automated lines.


The Ductmaker Coil Line developed and offered.


Servo driven Wrap Brake becomes standard on all ProFabriducts.


Swing-Knife/Swing-Blade insulation cutting system developed for cutting elastomeric foam duct liner. Units subsequently offered as standard in all automated duct line controls.


All Coil Lines utilize the common B&R Control platform with industrial PLC’s. The newly designed Easy-Load was offered on all coil lines.


Significant Coil LIne diagnostics developed.


Milestone: Over 1,000 Iowa Precision Coil Line Systems SOLD – Many outside of North America.


Cornermatic Plus introduced as first corner crimper exclusively for fittings.


IPI and Engel introduce in-line Plasma cutting and welded duct options to coil lines


Iowa Precision introduces redesigned Tie Rod Crimping machine with ¼˝ thread body standard on ½˝ and ¾˝ head bolts

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