Prefabrication in the HVAC Industry

Everything You Need to Know About This Growing Industry Trend

Prefabrication (or prefab) in the duct fabrication industry is the concept of building and assembling HVAC systems remotely instead of on the job site. For many reasons, prefab has quickly become the standard in adaptation when constructing HVAC ductwork. As more and more contractors begin to offer prefabrication services, you want to be sure not to fall behind your competition in the prefab market. Download our Ebook today to learn the benefits of adopting the prefabrication process in your shop.


In this E-book you will learn:


How prefabrication increases labor savings in the shop and in the field.


Why prefabricated ductwork systems have higher product quality.


How prefabrication allows for improved collision checking and testing to ensure high performance with other trades.


And much more!

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