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2020 Media Coverage

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How Mestek Machinery Weathered the Storm By Applied Software

Mestek Machinery has a long history of providing reliable, long-lasting ductwork machinery and sheet metal forming equipment. Mestek Machinery and its brands Lockformer, Iowa Precision, Engel, Roto Die and ISM represent plasma, laser, waterjet cutting tables, automated duct-forming lines; corner insertion, seam closing machines and spiral equipment.

How Mestek Machinery Weathered the Storm By Smacna

Early in 2020, as it became apparent that businesses would have to respond to the pandemic situation by altering their workflows in order to keep functioning, Mestek Machinery determined to continue operating and responding to customers’ needs while taking precautions as recommended by government agencies.

Ventcon Inc. is building a legacy with smart technology investments by Snips

“New machinery and cutting edge technology has always been a focus and continues to improve,” says Hill.

Updating the sheet metal machinery on the company’s shop floor is part of the solution. Last summer, Ventcon invested around $1.5 million in sheet metal machinery from Mestek Machinery to improve its efficiency and quality as a full-service sheet metal contractor.

The best sheet metal laser cutting machines on the market right now By Snips

A how-to primer on the most popular laser cutting machines for HVAC duct fabricators.

Knowledge is power at the Laser Institute of America (LIA) in Orlando, Florida, where personnel from various industries come to learn how to safely apply laser technology to their respective industries.

On the Cutting Edge By Smacna

For contractors ready to make the investment, laser machines offer vast improvements in cutting speed and consistency.

But there are a few laser machines aimed directly at the HVAC market, Marrinan pointed out. One is the Vulcan Laser-Max 1.5 from Mestek Machinery. The fiber laser cutter dispenses with the bulky enclosure most laser machines require. Instead, just the laser cutting head is enclosed, and the whole machine doesn’t take up much more space than the 20-foot plasma table sheet metal contractors are already familiar with.

2019 Media Coverage

18 Articles that Mestek Machinery was mentioned in.

Trimble's Lawrence Smith, GM of MEP Division, talks tech

Architects, engineers, sheet metal contractors, building managers and property owners all know Trimble’s building solutions in their respective fields. Now, Trimble is helping them know themselves by transforming their workflows.

“In the context of construction and the building industry, we have evolved from a company that was focused on individual products (usually hardware based) to a workflow focus that encompasses software, hardware and services across many domains and disciplines,” says Lawrence Smith, general manager of the Trimble MEP Division. “It’s a huge change in terms of the size of the company and the types of solutions we offer.”

Laser cutting machinery delivers the best cut

With good reason, Advance Cutting Systems named its newly released fiber laser the “Evolution.” In terms of cut quality, fiber lasers are considered “the next step in HVAC cutting” after high definition plasmas, explains Clint Ray Jr., national sales manager at Advance Cutting.    

“Everyone needs something, for lack of better words, ‘yesterday,’” he says. “They need ‘just-in-time production.’” Fiber laser cutting technology has evolved to do the work.

Contractor of the Year

Welcome to SNIPS magazine’s Sheet Metal Fabrication Contractor of the Year award contest. This peer-reviewed award celebrates HVAC contractors who complete duct fabrication and installation around the country and whose cumulative portfolio of work and company culture exemplifies innovation and excellence in the HVAC sheet metal fabrication industry.

The winner of the 2020 Sheet Metal Fabrication Contractor of the Year award will be announced on the December 2020 cover of SNIPS magazine.

Big Purchases Are About More Than Dollars and Cents

With much of the heavy machinery required to compete in the sheet metal and HVAC sector pricing out in the range of six to seven figures, executives in the industry emphasize that research is essential when making critical investments in the equipment that powers their businesses. Moreover, they say their purchasing decisions frequently take into account factors beyond just dollars and cents.

Mestek Machinery joins SMACNA of Greater Chicago for Oktoberfest industry night

Join Mestek Machinery SMACNA (Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractor’s National Association) members and associate members for SMACNA of Greater Chicago Oktoberfest Industry Night at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019 at Hofbrauhaus of Chicago to discuss business and new trends in the sheet metal and air conditioning industry in a fun and festive Oktoberfest atmosphere.

Mestek employee, VP of sales and spiral product development Bryan Timmerman, will attend to answer questions about the industry. Attendees will learn from associate members about the latest products and services and how they will impact the industry.

2019 Machines 50

Welcome to the 2019 Machines 50! The year’s list features innovative solutions advancing equipment, machinery, and tools at the frontier of the built environment. With emerging technology transforming construction in the shop and in the field, we want to bring attention to the companies that are pushing the boundaries of both product and process

Streamlining workflow from Trimble’s EC-CAD to FabShop cutting software

Amid rising construction costs and a shortage of skilled labor, prefabrication can be a contractor’s secret to cut costs, reduce waste and increase your bottom line. But in order for you to implement the full power of this process in your production, you’ll need to build a seamless workflow from your front office to the shop floor.

In a new video published on, Randy Swaim, Trimble MEP product engineer and sales manager, show you how to simply streamline workflow from Trimble’s EC-CAD to FabShop cutting software.

Metal forming machinery you need to elevate your sheet metal shop’s production

Look around you. The sheet metal machinery on your shop floor is the lifeblood of your business. But as an extension of your workforce, do you know what machines to recruit and what to retire? Whether you’re a large or small shop, any decision to invest in new machinery should be supported by growth. In order to help you start a dialogue, we gathered six machines on the market that can transform your shop today.

Knowing the sheet metal machinery in your shop is crucial

There are any number of good reasons NOT to upgrade your sheet metal machinery: timing, cost, confusion … cost. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” should never be one of them — especially after reading this issue of SNIPS.  

It makes sense. New machines, like new employees, need time for onboarding and learning your company’s culture. Shortchange this process, and you risk losing the all-too-important employee buy-in your shop needs to safely function.

Expect a Deep Dive on the HVACR Mechanical Track

Nine HVAC industry leaders are gathering together just five minutes from the Chicago O’Hare Airport for one purpose: to educate AEC BuildTech Conference & Expo attendees.

Sponsored by Mestek Machinery, the HVACR/Mechanical Systems learning track begins on Tuesday, April 30 with “Design-Build VRF, Energy Modeling, and BIM – It’s Easier Than You Think!” and ends on Thursday, May 2, with a discussion on how “Autonomous Buildings Will Reshape the Marketplace.”

Mestek Machinery joins forces with Trimble for special HVAC, MEP webinar

Amid rising construction costs and a shortage of skilled labor, Mestek Machinery and Trimble are joining forces for a special webinar at 2 p.m. (EST) on April 18, 2019, on using prefabrication to cut costs, reduce waste and grow business.

Hosted by SNIPS, the free, one-hour webinar, “HVAC | MEP: Building a Seamless Workflow From a Constructible Model to CAM,” will takle how to properly implement prefabrication into ductwork fabrication and more while building a seamless worklflow from software to hardware. 

Mike Bailey to Speak at AEC BuildTech

Mike Bailey, the vice president of sales and new product development for Mestek Machinery, will speak at the AEC BuildTech Conference & Expo, taking place April 30 through May 2 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. His session is titled “Streamline the Duct Design to Assembly Workflow With Manifolding.” For mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractors, the latest trend in HVAC duct fabrication leverages CAD to CAM with current duct fabrication machinery features. 

How to grow sustainability, safety and technology use in your HVAC business

All signs point to sustainability, safety and BIM technology when it comes to future success in the HVAC industry. But where do you begin? And most importantly, how do you keep building on what you’re already doing? Steve Jones — director of industry insights and research for Dodge Data & Analytics and keynote speaker at this year’s AEC BuildTech (April 30-May 2) — shows you the way forward to the future.

International HVAC Market has Similarities, Differences from U.S.

About 11,000 miles away from Japan, Formtek sales engineer Matthias Schmidt regularly travels to Russia and throughout Europe from his home in Sales, Switzerland. He has been involved in the HVAC industry since 1990. (Mestek is the parent company of Formtek and Mestek Machinery is a SMACNA Premier Partner.)

Mestek Machinery: Laser Table

This laser cutter creates a clean cut with minimal heat affected zone on the cut edge. This means that parts coming off the machine will cause less wear to downstream fabrication equipment. Plus, minimal kerf combined with 4-axis controls enable the cutting of intricate patterns, so that any job is possible. 

Metal fabrication tips from leading HVACR companies

In order to streamline your shop operations, we’re launching a special How-to section on focusing on sheet metal fabrication, installation, transport and everything in between. To kick everything off, we asked some of our favorite contractors and companies to give us a few how-to tips on some frequently asked questions. Here’s what they said.

Mestek presents NB Handy with distributor of the year award

Each year at AHR, Mestek Machinery celebrates a distributor who has surpassed expectations in the areas of performance, service, support and sales. This year that distinction was awarded to NB Handy.

Top Trends for 2019: Increased Use of Technology, Innovation

With the calendar now fl ipped to 2019, SMACNA caught up with some of our members to discuss the year ahead for sheet metal and air conditioning contractors. Despite the volatility in the stock market and mounting concerns about the potential for a broader economic slowdown, participants expressed enthusiasm about some of their major projects and the outlooks for their sectors. They also identifi ed key trends to keep an eye on in the coming year.

2018 Media Coverage

24 Articles that Mestek Machinery was mentioned in.

Your operational lean objectives

One of the most common misconceptions about lean manufacturing techniques is that they only apply to large-scale operations. Lean is the continuous improvement of operations to cut down wastes. “What lean tends to do is look at the system and try to identify what adds value,” explains Robert Van Til, Ph.D., professor of lean studies at the Oakland University School of Engineering and Computer Science and chair of the Industrial Systems and Engineering Department. “Waiting and moving from point A to point B and recording information more than once are a lot of things that don’t add value. So how can we design a system to take that stuff out?” .

Education tracks announced for AEC BuildTech

BNP Media’s AEC BuildTech Conference & Expo (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) has announced the conference agenda for its event taking place from April 30 to May 2, 2019, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. During its inaugural event, AEC BuildTech will bring together architects, engineers and contractors to learn about innovations in building processes, materials and construction technologies. The educational program will be led by subject matter experts across five separate tracks including plumbing, roofing, HVAC, flooring and building envelope. 

AEC BuildTech Reveals Conference Program

ROSEMONT, Ill. — BNP Media’s AEC BuildTech Conference & Expo (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) has announced the conference agenda for its event taking place from April 30 to May 2, 2019, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. During its inaugural event, AEC BuildTech will bring together architects, engineers, and contractors to learn about innovations in building processes, materials, and construction technologies. The educational program will be led by subject matter experts across five separate tracks including plumbing, roofing, HVAC, flooring, and building envelope.

“Our editorial advisory board has been working diligently to develop a stellar conference program to incorporate important topics and issues in the various industries AEC BuildTech serves,” said Scott Wolters, director, Tradeshows & Conferences, BNP Media. “Throughout the three-day event, industry leading experts will provide professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction with specific, applicable solutions on critical issues facing their specific industries, which will help them increase profitability, and efficiency.”

Reporting the future of the sheet metal industry

If there is one conversation we love to explore in the pages of SNIPS, it is how the industry is changing. Yet since officially taking over the editorial reins of the magazine this summer, I’ve spoken with enough contractors to know that the industry has already changed — and those changes are far from over.

From the shop floor to the foundry, our business is in the throes of remodeling shaped by politics, new and innovative products, and, of course, price. But rather than clinging to the notion that things will eventually go back to the way they were, we are putting the past to bed and focusing on the future at SNIPS. And you’ll find this reflected in this issue.

Renick Bros. Installs Duct for Steamfitters Training Center

The first time Kansas City-based A. Zahner Company used robotics on one of its architectural metal work projects came nearly 10 years ago. The design of a high-end condominium building in New York included 300 stainless steel panels that measured two feet deep by four feet tall by 16 feet long.

Breaking news: Mestek Machinery commits as AEC BuildTech major sponsor

Mestek Machinery has signed on as an exhibitor and major sponsor of the AEC BuildTech Conference & Expo on April 30-May 2, 2019 in Rosemont, Illinois.

The duct fabrication and sheet metal machinery company will sponsor the HVAC/Mechanical Systems education track at the conference.

HVAC industry learns to grapple with steel tariffs

I can’t think of a recent topic that has generated more news or interest among Snips readers than the steel tariffs the president enacted March 23.

We’ve covered the story extensively on in the last two months, from industry reaction to online polls and coverage of President Donald Trump’s tweets on the topic.

Machinery makers impacted by steel tariffs look for ways to save money

The Trump administration decision to levy stiff taxes on imports of steel and aluminum has many sheet metal contractors seeking to lessen the impact of an unexpected jolt to their businesses.

But the March 1 announcement by President Donald Trump to impose a 25 percent duty on steel and a 10 percent duty on aluminum in an effort to restore “balance” with foreign steel-producing countries such as China isn’t just affecting those who make ductwork and fittings.

HVAC and sheet metal industry deals with post-steel tariffs marketplace

Dustin Denison has resigned himself to paying more for ductwork, registers, fittings and just about everything else containing steel that Applied Energy Innovations uses daily.

On April 3, he took the step of emailing customers copies of the price increase notices the mechanical services company was getting from its suppliers: “8 percent across the board”; 3 percent from one company; up to 7 percent from another.

Providing solutions to increase productivity

SMACNA’s Premier Partner Mestek Machinery has been creating innovative solutions in sheet metal and duct fabrication for more than 70 years. Mestek Machinery provides a full line of HVAC fabricating equipment, including the Pittsburgh lock rollformer, Iowa Precision Industries formerly known as Welty Way coil lines, Lockformer Vulcan Plasma cutting systems, Cornermatic-Whisper-Loc machines, and numerous other auxiliary equipment and solutions for the HVAC mechanical and sheet metal contractors and duct fabricators.

Cutting costs, reducing waste using CAD software

Utilizing complementing software from Trimble and hardware from Mestek that all “talks to each other,” the Oklahoma-based ACP Sheet Metal Company has been able to cut costs and reduce waste while increasing its bottom line

Section 232 steel tariffs--how to respond

On heels of the Commerce Departments Section 232 Report, the Trump Administration indicated they will impose aluminum and steel tariffs on those imported materials: 25% on Steel and 10% on aluminum.  As written about previously, there are several concerns about the basis of the section 232 report and its assumptions of how steel is a national security concern.

Are you preparing for the steel tariffs?

President Donald Trump surprised many — including some in his own cabinet — when he announced March 1 new tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum.

With the taxes kicking in about two weeks, the sheet metal and HVAC industry is now sorting out just what they mean for contractors, metals suppliers and companies that make the machinery that helps shape metal to ductwork.

Providing solutions to increase productivity An interview with Mike Bailey of Mestek Machinery

Leaders from both labor and management joined forces at the 2018 SMACNA/ SMART Partners in Progress Conference, Feb. 13-14, and accepted the challenge to work together to sustain and expand market share where opportunities exist. Contractors, chapter executives, and future leaders attended 28 sessions and workshops focused on creating successful labor/management teams, market recovery and expansion, recruiting quality applicants, and the development of critical communication skills for the 21st century.

AHR Expo 2018 product roundup

CHICAGO — Cold air and rainy weather didn’t stop thousands of people from coming to the Windy City Jan 22-24 to attend the 2018 AHR Expo.        

The annual event set six records, including the 72,075 in total attendance and 49,995 registered visitors, according to event officials. Other records included 2,155 exhibiting companies, 534,080 square feet of exhibit space and representatives from 169 countries.

Mestek Machinery products popular with sheet metal contractors

Officials with Mestek Machinery say a number of their products have been especially popular with its sheet metal contractor customers. Vice president of sales Mike Bailey gives a brief tour of some of the machinery that has people talking.

Want to see more videos? Click here!

The Best of 2017: SMACNA Highlights and Accomplishments

SMACNA National works for you, our members, by providing highly valued products and services that give you a competitive advantage.

This special year-in-review edition features the world-class offerings SMACNA has provided for your benefit throughout 2017, including the ideas, strategies, and resources to sharpen your competitive edge.

Welcome new SMACNA 2018 Associate Members!

SMACNA National works for you, our members, by providing highly valued products and services that give you a competitive advantage.

This is a Memebers only page, please sign in.

The evolution of sheet metal machinery

The AHR Expo is just a few days away.

As many longtime attendees know, it’s a busy, bustling cacophony of sound with fans and blowers running, sheet metal machinery punching and cutting and everybody talking business.

Mestek to introduce stitch welder at AHR Expo this month

Mestek Machinery will be using this month’s AHR Expo to introduce a machine that officials say will save energy while allowing greater shop efficiency, thanks to its ability to perform sheet metal fabrication with heavier gauge metal.

The machine is the Max-Stitch 1.6i, which is part of the ISM by Lockformer line. Company officials say it is the strongest and most versatile single wire stitch welder available. And it works with materials up to 16 gauge (1.6 millimeters) in thickness — a big improvement over most other options, according to Bryan Timmerman, Mestek’s vice president of sales and spiral product development.

Mestek brings laser cutting to HVAC with new machine

Lasers aren’t just for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. They long ago stopped being just a prop in science fiction movies, although many people may not realize how widespread their use is today.

The history of industrial lasers only dates back to the mid-1960s, but they’re now used to cut everything from diamonds to plastic, wood, wax and metals.

A piece of ductwork fabrication history rests in a Delaware shop

Around 1940, Theresa Wahl of Wilmington, Delaware, was quietly taking on odd jobs — laundry, housekeeping and cleaning — without her husband’s knowledge.

Her husband, Horace Wahl Sr., was the owner of Wahl Heating and Metal Co., and with the effects of the Great Depression still lingering in the region, money did not come easily.

Sneak Peak of AHR Expo 2018

Mestek Machinery had a full booth of amazing machines but their 1.5kw laser was the one that peaked my attention and it’s the one that could change the way high volume shops make fittings.

How Spiraling is Changing the CAD/CAM Industry – Interview with Mestek Machinery

In this interview, Michael Bailey, VP of Sales, and Bryan Timmerman, VP of Sales & Spiral Product Development at Mestek Machinery, discuss the relationship between spiraling machinery and software, and how it’s changing the CAD/CAM industry.

45K come to Chicago for 2017 metal-forming show

CHICAGO — Organizers are loudly calling Fabtech 2017 a success, as the Nov. 6-9 event at Chicago’s McCormick Place conference facility attracted almost 45,000.

Show officials peg total attendance at 44,935, representing 120 countries. The trade show floor, packed with running sheet metal forming machinery, covered 750,000 square feet of exhibit space and featured what organizers said was the show’s largest educational program ever. Popular sessions included “TED”-style “tech talks” and sessions on robotics and 3-D manufacturing. 

2017 Media Coverage

14 Articles that Mestek Machinery was mentioned in.

Mestek Machinery redesigns spiral duct site, adds blog

Mestek Machinery’s ISM brand has a new website at The site has the ductwork fabrication machinery company’s spiral, round and oval HVAC ductwork equipment and fittings, including specifications and videos in a redesigned mobile-friendly layout, the company said.  

The website and products integrate with Mestek’s full line of round and rectangular sheet metal forming and fabrication equipment, the company said.

Punching home the point at Fabtech

CHICAGO – I’ve spent the last day at Fabtech, the massive sheet metal forming and fabrication show going on this week at Chicago’s McCormick Place conference complex. Fabtech is always loud, with lots of banging, punching and (metal) cutting – and organizers and many attendees probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

Walking the trade show floor, I was reminded of what Mike Bailey, vice president of sales and product development at Mestek Machinery, told me about laser cutting for a recent article. 

Editor's Note

For too long, it seems careers that required working with your hands at a job site instead of at a desk have been looked down upon by many people  — including some of those who perform such work. Many sheet metal contractors have told me they hoped their children would not follow them into the industry, even though it afforded them a comfortable living.

But there has been some good news on this issue lately.

Industry Leaders Support SMACNA's 74th Convention

SMACNA would like to thank their 2017 Associate Members along with their Premier Partners — Daikin Applied of Minneapolis, Minn., Federated Insurance of Owatonna, Minn., Mestek Machinery of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Milwaukee Tool of Brookfield, Wis., and Titus of Plano, Texas — who are supporting the association this year.

‘Manifold’ ductwork represents major industry change, officials say

It’s a trend that Mike Bailey, the vice president of sales and new product development at Mestek Machinery, said he has been noticing for the last five years or so.

“There’s a change in this industry when it comes to pre-construction in the shop versus in the field,” Bailey said. “It’s been gaining momentum.”

Building up speed

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Steel prices expected to rise (part II)

The expected rise in steel prices does not necessarily mean the rise of total costs.  In the HVAC industry, one way to offset increased steel prices is to reduce the cost of labor to make ducts and fittings by being more efficient.  How do we do this?  Machine automation.

A machine can work all day long.  They do not take breaks, call in sick or even need vacation.  They are consistent in their production, leading to fewer errors, therefore reducing time needed to fix mistakes.  They also produce less scrap, leading to decreased material waste.  One other area of savings is in training.  Training is expensive in both the cost of the education itself, but also in the time away from work.   This expense is no longer required for any tasks moved from manual production to automation.

Mestek hires machinery sales staffer

Mestek Machinery has added Dave Pedersen to its sales team. Pedersen will be joining Mestek as a standard machinery salesperson. He previously worked for Diversified Fall Protection of Cleveland. Pedersen graduated from the University of Toledo, and has a background in business-to-business marketing and sales.

Coil line with connector saves New Jersey contractor time, money

When officials with MidAtlantic Mechanical were looking for a new coil line, space was a concern. The company only had about 3,600 square feet in its Millstone, New Jersey, sheet metal shop.

Long term, officials planned to move into a larger facility, but since a full coil line can represent an investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars, the company wanted something that could meet its needs both now and in the future. The officials were not sure if this was possible.

Steel prices expected to rise (part I)

Trump’s campaign includes a protectionist position on imported steel in order to increase business for domestic steelmakers.  This, in addition to the trade cases against steel dumped in the U.S. in the last year, has and will continue to impact U.S. steel mill prices, which may create financial issues for steel consumers and businesses that use steel to make their own products.

Over the last two years, the Dow Jones U.S. Iron & Steel Index has risen to its highest levels with the biggest spike occurring after the election from 208.24 on election day to 278.81 one month later.

2017 Vegas AHR Expo showcases sheet metal products, HVAC market

With a record crowd filling up a record amount of floor space, the 2017 AHR Expo will go down as the biggest expo ever, officials said.

Total attendance for the Jan. 30-Feb. 1 show at the Las Vegas Convention Center was 68,615 — 7,000 more than came to Chicago in 2015, the previous expo record. It was 15,000 more people than came to Las Vegas for the expo in 2011, which was the first time it visited Sin City.

Sheet metal machinery purchases quickly reap benefits, experts say

Sheet metal work has its roots as a skill that was handed down from craft masters to apprentices who showed pupils how to hammer out duct and draw fittings by hand.

The learning process often took years — and in case of many union and trade school programs — it still does. The ductwork fabrication process, performed completely by hand, was labor intensive and error prone. A layout mistake and a whole piece likely had to redone.

Welcome new SMACNA 2017 Associate Members!

Many of us get caught multitasking throughout our day-to-day jobs and have no time to figure out where the market is heading, what new technologies are best, and which road will lead to corporate success. But being a SMACNA member has always had its advantages when it comes to predicting the future. There’s no guesswork and no crystal balls because every four years or so SMACNA’s New Horizon Foundation conducts a Futures Study of contractors, architects, and specifiers of HVAC systems. The results provide a glimpse of what may lie ahead. The industry data we collect give us an idea of what “trends” we should take seriously.

What is sheet metal gauge?

Sheet Metal gauge, or more formally, Manufacturer’s Standard Gage for Sheet Steel, is derived from the United States Standard Gage established by Congress in 1893. (Machinery’s Handbook, 29th Ed., Industrial Press 2012, p.2608)

For the Roto-Die machinery specifications, any reference to gauge or material thickness capacity, in decimal inches, is based on Galvanized Sheet or its equivalent Steel Gage, in 40,000 psi (275 N/mm2) maximum material yield. For consideration of annealed, low carbon Stainless Steel, the maximum capacity should be reduced by 2 gauges. For example, a machine that has a stated maximum capacity of 16 gauge in mild steel, would be an equivalent stainless steel capacity of 18 gauge. If there are questions about specific applications, please contact us.

2016 Media Coverage

22 Articles that Mestek Machinery was mentioned in.

AHR Expo to return to Las Vegas for first time in six years

When organizers first brought the AHR Expo to Las Vegas in 2011, they thought the move was a bit of, well, a gamble.

Officials with the Connecticut-based International Exposition Co., which produces and manages the expo, had avoided the popular convention city, fearing it did not have enough nearby population or drive-in attendance to support the show. But organizers quickly admitted they were wrong when opening-day crowds made the aisles of the Las Vegas Convention Center hard to navigate — a problem the International Exposition Co. was happy to have. Total attendance was pegged at 54,000.

Detroit contractor says it knows how a sheet metal shop should flow

WIXOM, Mich. — When you’ve been around as long as Dee Cramer Inc. — the sheet metal and HVAC contractor was founded in 1937 — designing a sheet metal shop is not a novel task.

It’s an activity company officials have done numerous times: It built a massive new 56,000-square-foot headquarters off I-75 in Holly, Michigan, in 2001, and in recent years, it opened facilities in the Michigan communities of Lansing and Wixom. A new shop in Saginaw is currently under construction.

2016 Product Show supports SMAC PAC Administrative Fund

For the first time the Product Show at the Phoenix convention hosted silent and live auctions with 20 items donated by exhibitors with the proceeds to benefit SMAC PAC’s Administrative Fund.

SMAC PAC raises personal money from SMACNA members with prior approval, which is contributed to candidates for the House and Senate. The Administrative Fund helps with SMAC PAC’s fundraising costs.

It’s not too late for this year’s Section 179 tax deduction

In October, we gave a gentle reminder to our sheet metal business readers about the year-end deadline for meeting the requirements to benefit from the Section 179 tax deduction.  With December fast approaching, we’d feel guilty if we didn’t issue a reminder again, just in case any of you are running late!  There is still sufficient time, in fact, if you don’t delay further.

The key component parts of duct anatomy

When studying the anatomy of an HVAC sheet metal duct system, a natural instinct is to draw a comparison with the human anatomy. Arms, trunks and legs in a skeletal system come to mind, as do lungs and trachea in a respiratory system, as well as the heart in the circulatory system. A human body, with brains and nerves, is much more complicated, of course, but the comparison is still very useful when examining how ducts work.

Take take-offs, for example. When supplying air, a sheet metal duct system will typically divide the flow into outlets such as diffusers, grilles and registers. Round, oval or rectangular fittings called take-offs are carefully designed to take the correct amount of air flow from the main duct into each branch duct. Translate this into the human anatomy equivalent, and you can see the diaphragm contracting and causing air to flow into the airways — critical to the breathing process.

Sheet metal contractors head to Arizona for SMACNA's 73rd convention

When Phoenix was officially established in 1881, some probably couldn’t have predicted that this city in the Sonoran Desert would become the sixth largest in the United States, let alone a top tourist destination.

Known by some as the “Valley of the Sun,” Phoenix has a rich history dating back to early Native Americans, as well as U.S. settlers who saw the land as ideal for farming. Visitors to the area will find plenty to feed their historical curiosity, but the city also offers an array of leisure activities — from the symphony to shopping.

Industry Leaders Support SMACNA's 73rd Convention

The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) hosted its 73rd Annual Convention at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Oct. 16-19.

SMACNA would like to thank our 2016 Associate Members, along with our Premier Partners — Mestek Machinery of Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Federated Insurance Co. of Owatonna, Minn.; Titus of Plano, Texas; Daikin Applied of Minneapolis, Minn.; and Milwaukee Tool of Brookfield, Wis.— who are supporting the association this year.

Mestek Machinery chosen as finalist in awards competition

Mestek Machinery has been recognized as a finalist in the 2017 AHR Expo Innovation Awards in the tools and instruments category for its Pro-Fabriduct ductwork fabrication machine.

Pro-Fabriduct is a modular-designed processor that integrates more than 20 manufacturing processes into a combined residential and commercial rectangular duct manufacturing system. Company officials said the system’s accuracy, speed and reliability result in taking a six-person job down to one.

Editor's Note

Michigan summers are not anywhere near as hot as those in Texas or Florida, although we can come close to matching the humidity levels of those states in July and August.

By the time you read this, those temperatures should be starting to moderate here and in much of the U.S. The 90°F days of July and August are giving way to 70s and even some days in the 60s in parts of the country. 

Mestek marketing VP passes away

Rian Scheel, the vice president of marketing for Mestek Machinery, has died.

Scheel passed away Tuesday of lung and brain cancer. A memorial service is scheduled for 11 a.m. Saturday at Bethel Lutheran Church in Westmont, Illinois.

ISM Machinery opens new Illinois facility

ISM by Lockformer, the spiral duct-forming brand of Mestek Machinery, hosted an open house June 22 for employees and dealers at its new facility in Libertyville, Illinois.

The larger facility will enable ISM to improve its operational flow, allowing the company to build machines efficiently and meet increased production volumes. The new facility will also produce the Lockformer VulcanPlus plasma cutting systems.

Making your sheet metal products company a media source

As part of my job as Snips editor, I regularly scour the internet for industry news. Sometimes, a press release or two gets by me or perhaps an agency doesn’t have our contact information.

I’m also always interested in what industry stories the mainstream media picks up. Remembering back to my newspaper reporter days, I know that few writers give much thought to the trades unless a public relations person is especially good at getting their attention. This time of year, it’s usually stories about how the warm summer weather is keeping contractors busy or how strong HVAC sales are. Many stories will include tips on reducing summertime energy bills. And as Snips contributor Adams Hudson has noted, it’s worthwhile to attempt to position yourself as the HVAC expert local TV and newspaper reporters contact when they need a quick quote. 

President's Column: Who are your partners?

SMACNA’s Premier Partners—Mestek Machinery, Federated Insurance, Daikin Applied, Titus HVAC, and Milwaukee Tool—demonstrate the value of partnership through the knowledge and support they provide us—as contractors and as an association. I’m confident that our partnership results in expanded business opportunities and growth for all.

President's Column: Who are your partners?

The city of Cleveland recently passed an ordinance that requires the building owner to repair or replace faulty dampers within 60 days of inspection. This development, and others across Ohio, was initiated by SMACNA members and signals new opportunities for contractors. Five years ago, SMACNA contractors in Ohio set a course to educate city fire marshals and building inspectors on the importance of fire and smoke damper installation, inspection, and maintenance by qualified, certified technicians.

This Detroit sheet metal works contractor says community involvement is part of its plan

DETROIT — Intervale Street is not a part of Detroit that is being included in the stories about the Motor City’s revival.

Many of the 70- and 80-year-old brick bungalows and two-story flats on the street are crumbling, their red bricks stained from long-ago house fires. 

Made in Eastern Iowa: Mestek and the art of manipulating metal

The products that Mestek Machinery makes in southwest Cedar Rapids are seen throughout the world. Yet, in the industry of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, not noticing the work is usually more preferable. It means you’re not thinking about a room too warm or too cool.

“If you go into a Menards or a Lowe’s or something like that and see sheet metal items in the shelves, those more than likely came from one of our machines but one of our customers who bought our machines for the product,” said Richard Burkart, vice president of sales and administration with Mestek.

Contractor purchases piece of manufacturer's history

If you want to see the first multihead machine Gripnail Corp. ever made, don’t go to the company’s headquarters in Rhode Island.

Instead, head to Loveland, Colorado — but don’t expect to see a museum-quality piece. The well-used 1973 machine is in Kuck Mechanical’s sheet metal shop, attached to a coil line, where it runs every day, fastening insulation to ductwork. 

Competitor makes sheet metal company owner offer

A lot of business owners may throw around the phrase “friendly competition,” but few would probably take the concept as far as Kevin Gill Sr. 

When the owner and president of McCusker-Gill Inc., a sheet metal contractor based in Hingham, Massachusetts, heard in February 2015 that snow had caused the roof to collapse at nearby United HVAC, Gill placed a call to United owner Tom Scolaro. He made his competitor an offer that many business owners would never consider. He offered to help save his company.

The right layout

Ever since moving into a new house last October, I’ve learned how difficult it can be to efficiently organize a difficult space.  

My bedroom, in particular, is a bit unusual and requires a pretty unique layout. The room has a long, rectangular shape, a curved ceiling and small closets on each of the shorter walls. The door opens into the middle of the room, and there’s a large window directly across from it on the opposite wall.

HVAC construction show brings 61,000 to central Florida

ORLANDO, Fla. — Winter storms battering much of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic were no match for the 2016 AHR Expo, which drew almost 61,000 to Orlando, Florida.

While some HVAC sales professionals from New York, New Jersey and Maryland may have had trouble getting to the Jan. 25-27 HVAC market trade show at the Orange County Convention Center due to winter storm Jonas, the expo still managed to have an official attendance of 60,926, which came to central Florida to see what’s billed as the largest HVAC construction trade show in the world.

2016 AHR Expo

Photos from the 2016 AHR Expo at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Posted: February 17, 2016

Welcome new SMACNA 2016 Associate Members!

The fiscal year 2016 funding bill signed by President Obama at year-end adheres to all the terms set by the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, enacted on Nov. 2, 2015. The legislation provides a total of $1.149 trillion to funding the operations of the federal government.