Iowa Precision Whisper-Loc PRO-XVI Seam Closing Machine

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Optimized HVAC Duct Seam Closing

The Iowa Precision® Whisper-Loc® PRO-XVI Seam Closing Machine closes Pittsburgh seams – whether transverse duct connector (TDC), transverse duct flange (TDF), or slip and drive type duct work – in a fraction of the time. Equipped with push button motor controls for quick-change duct lengths and chain driven, the micro-processor motorized control moves the clamp and slide block, as a unit, for faster set up (one handed) and greatly reduces noise levels. Requires minimal hammer over top and bottom and is adjustable from 18″ to 72″. Features low maintenance 220 V, single phase, 3 HP, self-contained 10-gallon (38 liter) hydraulic unit and requires minimal floor space.

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For over 70 years, Iowa Precision has been the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of automated HVAC coil lines, duct fabrication systems, seam closers and corner inserters. Our wide range of field-proven solutions includes rectangular, round, and oval ductwork machinery, flexible fabrication systems, and coil processing machinery and equipment. Looking to improve the productivity and profitability of your HVAC duct and fittings fabrication operation? Looking for a solution to address a particular application?  Schedule a no obligation, 1-on-1 consultation with an Iowa Precision Technical Advisor today.

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