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For over 80 years, Mestek Machinery and its brands have served the HVAC sheet metal and duct fabrication industry with advanced and labor-saving sheet metal fabrication equipment and solutions for duct shops and fabricators. With nearly a century of experience of creating innovative solutions for the HVAC industry, Mestek Machinery continues as the industry-leading designer and manufacturer of the most complete, productive, and state-of-the-art metal forming solutions with sheet metal duct product that reflect well-earned reputation for quality.

Our collection of highly recognized brands includes Engel, Iowa Precision, ISM Machinery, Lockformer, and Roto-Die, each bringing their own strengths to solve specific and unique challenges of HVAC sheet metal industry. Combining so many trusted brands resulted in a combined knowledge, experience, and ability to develop cutting-edge technologies and automated manufacturing equipment. Contractors and fabricators continue to save time, labor, and money with the use of Mestek Machinery equipment. All of our brands’ machinery and solutions ensure a finished product that reflects our reputation of quality. Mestek Machinery’s brands offer solutions for all types of HVAC sheet metal fabrication challenges and fitting needs from start to finish of any related project. Each brand’s machines meet the highest tolerances for precision, efficiency, and speed to deliver ductwork solutions that you can proudly put your name on. Mestek Machinery doesn’t just provide equipment; we provide answers.

The HVAC sheet metal and duct fabrication industry is highly technical and continues to evolve with many demands. Mestek Machinery understands that improving duct fabrication and installation productivity will always be a top priority for our customers, and we can only continue to meet these challenges by listening to the needs of sheet metal and mechanical contractors to develop new and innovative methods and applications for this industry. Mestek Machinery’s end-to-end process has revolutionized duct forming and fabrication solutions. We have accomplished our mission of designing and manufacturing the world’s best HVAC sheet metal duct fabrication systems which reduce the cost of production for shops and contractors. But we aren’t done yet. We will continue to listen, design, and manufacture new technology to meet the needs of the HVAC sheet metal duct fabrication industry as it changes. We are proud that so many of our customers have been and continue to be both competitive and successful with the use of our systems. Mestek Machinery values our many long-term relationships with sheet metal contractors and our large successfully installed base in thousands of duct shops. We invite you to compare Mestek Machinery’s robust and broad collection of capabilities to any of our competitors. These capabilities define our ability to manufacture reliable and long-lasting equipment, giving you years more of return on investment.

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Mestek Machinery has a long history of providing reliable and long-lasting duct work machinery and sheet metal bending equipment. As an industry-leader, our family of companies include Lockformer, Engel Industries, ISM Machinery, Iowa Precision and many more, bringing decades of experience addressing every aspect of the HVAC industry. We have worked successfully with thousands of duct shops and continue to innovate and develop our product line.

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