Lockformer Ovalizer 2.0 Oval Duct Forming Machine

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Oval Duct Stretching 

The all new Ovalizer 2.0 from Lockformer is the latest advancement in spiral pipe-forming technology. The Ovalizer 2.0 features a 10’ boom which can produce pipe up to 20’ lengths, as well as tooling with a Minor axis ranging from 6” to 36” to produce pipe with a Major axis ranging from 18” up to an impressive 96”. The Ovalizer 2.0 uses the latest technology in combination with a wedge style boom to make stretching oval duct easy, reliable and repeatable — resulting in a more efficient production process for your operation.

The Ovalizer 2.0 offers a full touch screen programmable logic controller (PLC) giving the operator the ability to save and recall parameters for fast, easy, and automatic set-up for production of duplicate parts. The PLC also features a re-stretch function that allows the operator to measure a finished part and simply input a dimension on the screen to automatically re-stretch the part if required.

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