Lockformer Ovalizer 2.0 Oval Duct Forming Machine

The newly designed Ovalizer 2.0 Oval Duct Forming Machine from Lockformer is the latest advancement in oval duct forming technology for the HVAC industry. Combining innovative controls technology with a wedge style boom makes stretching oval duct easy, reliable, and repeatable, resulting in a more efficient production process for your business. The Ovalizer 2.0 features a 10-foot boom which produces oval duct up to 20 feet with available tooling to produce pipe with a Minor axis ranging from 6 inches to 36 inches and a Major axis ranging from 18 inches up to an impressive 96 inches. This newly designed oval pipe machine also offers a full touch screen PLC which allows the operator to save and recall pipe parameters for duplicate parts. Because metal properties varies slightly, Lockformer’s Ovalizer 2.0 also includes a re-stretch/jog function should to oval pipe need to be stretched a little more to retain the desired oval shape.

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Diameter Range


Motor / Voltage

Dimensions / Weight

Lockformer Ovalizer 2.0 Oval Duct Stretching Machine

Up to 18 gauge

Minor Axis 6"-36"

Major Axis 18”-96”

up to 20'

25 hp

460V/3 Ph/60 Hz

Length: 230"
Width: 48"
Height: 70"

Lockformer Ovalizer 2.0 Oval Duct Forming Machine


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