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Vulcan® 1600 WJ Waterjet

Power of Water

Cutting insulation manually is a slow, costly and inexact procedure – even if you can find the laborer who cares enough about his job to do it. With the Vulcan 1600, Lockformer automates the insulation cutting and fabrication process for mechanical contractors. Delivering an unrivaled level of quality and efficiency. Whether you require precise insulation shapes for square to rounds, radius elbows or transitions, the 1600 can deliver savings of over 95%. Cutting a dozen insulation blanks can take 15 minutes by hand. The waterjet can do it in one tenth of the time. You know a 95% savings translates to fast cash and real profit for your business. Due to its precision speed and efficiency, you can fabricate insulate fittings for about onetenth of what it costs to buy them. We’ve engineered every aspect of this machine to create unrivaled quality – quality that gives you a cut so clean and dry, your investment becomes a fast payback.

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