HVAC Rectangular Duct and Fittings Fabrication Equipment from Roto-Die

For over 50 years, the unique hydraulic sheet metal bending technology from Roto-Die has been an industry standard in HVAC duct work, roofing, and metal fabrication shops. Roto-Die’s equipment is versatile and economical, and satisfies a wide range of sheet metal bending and forming applications from commercial to residential, interior or exterior. Heavy-duty hydraulics are used in all of our sheet metal brakes, making bending operations quick, easy, and operable by just one operator. Roto-Die hydraulic sheet metal benders are as simple to operate as a hand brake but have infinitely more production capacity. And with the industry’s most economical price point, Roto-Die’s equipment is quality built, versatile, and engineered to reduce labor costs while increasing shop productivity. For your review, below are all the machine and equipment solutions available from Roto-Die for HVAC rectangular duct and fittings fabrication — please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a particular application or operational requirement that might require a customized solution… we’d love to help.

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Roto-Die Safety System

Roto-Die Safety System

Business owners who use Roto-Die Press Brake Machines are responsible for the safety of each person that operates these hydraulic benders — and, in accordance with all documented safety guidelines, business owners are responsible for ensuring that safeguarding is provided, installed, maintained, and used. Since 2007, Roto-Die has offered a Light Curtain Safety System which not only meets ANSI B11.3, but can also be retrofitted to your existing Roto-Die Hydraulic Bender.

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For over 45 years, Roto-Die’s unique hydraulic sheet metal bending brakes have been regarded as an industry standard in HVAC and metal fabrication shops throughout the United States. Each sheet metal brake is a versatile, economical, productive tool satisfying a wide range of sheet metal bending and forming needs. Looking to improve your productivity and profitability of your HVAC duct and fittings fabrication operation? Looking for a solution to address a particular application?  Schedule a no obligation, 1-on-1 consultation with a Roto-Die Technical Specialist today and let us develop a customized solution to address the specific needs of your operation.

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