Roto-Die Tooling and Dies

To leverage the versatility of Roto-Die Press Brake Machines. Roto-Die offers a range of optional tooling and accessories to bolster your productivity including:

  • Lower insert dies or TDC/TDF for fabrication of rectangular duct
  • Multi-forming dies for HVAC dampers
  • Gravel-stop dies for roofing
  • Gooseneck dies for forming channels

Additionally, our customers develop creative uses for their Roto-Die Press Brake Machines. So in addition to the custom dies we have manufactured to customer specifications (available through special order), we can also have a die made to fit your unique application.

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All Roto-Die Press Brake Machines include tooling for five (5) basic forming operations:

  • One (1) #37 Roto-Die® with 7˚ cross-braking groove, 85˚ die opening 3/8″ wide, 85˚ die opening 7/8″ wide, 30˚ die opening 1/2″ wide
  • One (1) #1 Forming Die 85˚
  • One (1) #24 Hemming Die 30˚
  • Six (6) sheet support arms with clips
  • Six (6) #52 gauging blocks
  • Six (6) #53 disappearing spring-pin gauges

Available options for Tooling and Dies from Roto-Die:

  • Forming and Open Hemming Dies: forming and open hemming are accomplished with standard 30˚ upper die and #37 Roto-Die. Following these sequences, a standing lock seam may be formed without a die change or multiple handling of the sheet
  • Louvre Blade Forming Dies: man degree-of-bend combinations are quickly and easily formed by bottoming and air-bending
  • Architectural Gravel Stop Adapter Plate Dies: this combination die will for 120″ of 24-gauge gravel stop with a 3/4″ rise. Easy removal of the rear-forming section converts the die to acute-angle forming and hemming operations.
  • Multi-Forming Dies: damper blades and V-rib shapes may be formed in one stoke in 20-gauge galvanized steel up to 120″ long. Shorter lengths may be formed in heavier gauges. The die is adjustable for metals with springback.
  • Channel Forming Dies: 90˚ gooseneck dies (with or without angle inserts) simplify forming light and heavy-gauge channels.
  • Box Forming: depths to 1-3/4″ may be formed with standard dies
  • Heavy-Gauge Forming: machined inserts increase bender capacities up to 120″ of 10-gauge materials for heavy-gauge or large radius forming.

Here’s a look at some of our standard dies and some custom dies we’ve produced for existing customers:

Roto-Die | Press Brake Machine

Roto-Die | Press Brake Machine | Back Gauge Options

Roto-Die | Press Brake Machine | Indexible Lower Die

Roto-Die | Press Brake Machine | Tooling & Dies

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