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The commercial low-slop roofing fabrication industry is highly technical and continues to evolve with many demands. For over 80 years, Mestek Machinery and its brands — Iowa Precision, Lockformer, Engel, and Roto-Die — have served the metal roofing fabrication industry with advanced and labor saving sheet metal fabrication equipment and solutions. We’ve been able to do this by understanding that improving roofing fabrication and installation will always be a top priority for our customers, and we can only continue to meet these challenges by listening to the needs of contractors. Our goal continues to be developing new and innovative methods, applications, and associated machinery and equipment which reduces the cost of production, improves productivity, and increases the profitability of commercial metal roofing fabricators and contractors. We are proud to say that we continue to lead the industry in designing and manufacturing the most complete, productive, and state-of-the-art metal forming solutions for the commercial low slope roofing fabrication industry.

Mestek Machinery’s knowledge and experience with sheet metal fabrication for a wide variety of applications has allowed us to develop cutting-edge precision technologies and automated manufacturing equipment that solve the specific and unique challenges of roofing fabrication industry.  Our machines meet the highest tolerances for precision, efficiency, and speed to manufacture roofing products and components that you can proudly put your name on. Mestek Machinery doesn’t just provide equipment; we provide answers. 

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Featured Mestek Machinery Solution for the Commercial Low-Slope Roofing Fabrication Industry

Lockformer Galv-Off Galvanize Cleaner

Lockformer Galv-Off Galvanize Cleaner

There is simply no better product to soften and dissolve galvanize build-up on forming rolls and press dies than Lockformer Galv-Off Galvanize Cleaner. Galv-Off has been used by metal fabricators around the world to keep precision roll formers from advanced roll wear and tooling damage. Do not use common off-the-shelf lubricants on your machines. These paraffin-based products actually attract dirt, grime and galvanized particles! Lockformer Galv-Off Galvanize Cleaner is specially formulated to lubricate as it cleans. The spray nozzle has been developed to deliver an accurate and precise coating so you don’t waste any. Handy 12 oz. aerosol size cans come in cases of 12.

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Mestek Machinery is comprised of a family of metal forming manufacturing brands with deep roots in the HVAC duct fabrication industry: Lockformer, Iowa Precision, Engel, and Roto-Die. Together, our brands design and manufacture the most complete, productive, and innovative metal forming solutions for the fabrication of HVAC sheet metal ductwork and fittings. With over 100 years of combined experience addressing every facet of the HVAC duct industry, our knowledge and experience allows us to develop cutting edge, precision technologies, and automated manufacturing equipment that saves sheet metal contractors and fabricators time and labor while ensuring a finished duct product of unmatched quality.

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