Lockformer QuickStitch Welder

The Lockformer QuickStitch Welder is an all-purpose machine effective in any environment due to its simplicity and robustness. With the QuickStitch, a high-quality weld seam can be made without any adverse effect on the material to be welded. The electroplating remains undamaged, eliminating the need for expensive reworking, such as sealing or repainting. The weld seam is free of defects and meets all quality requirements in full. The recyclable copper wire electrodes ensure that there’s no need for time-consuming reworking of the workpieces. The use of copper wire has significantly reduced the maintenance on the weld wheels and increased the life-span of the weld wheels as well.

The Lockformer QuickStitch Welding Machine has an adjustable weld speed of 3-49 ft/min (1-15 meter/min), creating a productive and efficient machine. The weld seams created are completely air-tight. The system is simple to tune to various product dimensions and part geometries. The QuickStitch is available with arm lengths of 40″, 50″, and 60″ (1000, 1270, 1540 mm).

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Diameter / Range

Copper Wire Diameter

Speed / Weld Speed


Motor / Voltage

Dimensions / Weight

Lockformer QuickStitch Welding Machine
Galvanized Steel: .012" to .048" (0.3-1.2 mm)

Stainless Steel: .012" to .032" (0.3-0.8 mm)
Minimum 75 mm, 3"

Maximum 1000 mm, 40"

2 mm (0.078") round

Optionally 1.8 mm (0.070") round

1-15 m/min., 3-49 ft/min. (adjustable)

Minimum 50 mm, 2”
Maximum 1000 /1270/1540 mm
40” I 50” I 60

6 mm (1/4”) for 1000 mm (40”)
8 mm (5/16”) for 1270 and
1540 mm (50” and 60”)
460V/3 Ph/60 Hz

Length: 40" / 50" / 60"
Width: 39"
Height: 58"
Weight: 1,300 lbs. / 1,370 lbs. / 1,440 lbs.

Lockformer QuickStitch Welder

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